Taming the Cows with the Invisible Hand: A Rabbit Hole Journey into Nigeria’s Farmer-Herder Crisis

Nigeria’s farmer-herder crisis has claimed thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Although the crisis is mostly viewed through the lenses of conflict and crime, the farmer-herder crisis is a complex problem with ten dimensions. However, the ten expressions of the crisis are also solution channels laden with opportunities. Inspired by personal experience and guided by evidential deductions, Taming the Cows with the Invisible Hand takes the reader on a “rabbit hole” journey into Nigeria’s farmer-herder crisis. In the quest for solutions, the Grassland Real Estate Enterprise Networks (GREEN) offers social investors, venture capitalists, the billionaire changemaker and Nigerian conglomerates a model for solving profitably what is essentially a business problem with a momentous socio-political dimension that has defied existing intervention efforts… DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK.